About Us

City Ballet Academy was founded by Xia Haiying – award-winning Principal dancer of international repute, and Koh Kai Mui. City Ballet Academy seeks to provide a well-rounded and balanced array of training programs catering to the unique needs, abilities, and learning goals of every student. With the support of a strong teaching faculty, we continuously refine our training programs in order to maximise every child’s innate potential and groom them into confident, well-rounded individuals.

For students seeking a professional future in ballet, the CBA Elite Program provides accelerated pre-professional training, and has led students to achieve outstanding results at locally and internationally recognized dance competitions. The program has also groomed students to receive full scholarships and entry into international vocational ballet schools across many shores, such as the English National Ballet School, John Cranko Schule (Germany), Elmhurst Ballet School, and New Zealand School of Dance.

Ballet is a performing art, and one of our goals is for our students to understand, appreciate and explore ballet as an art form. Through our annual year end concert, our students get the opportunity to express, perform and experience the stage! The launch of the CBA Performing Group in 2018 also opens doors for more students to enjoy performance and competition opportunities.

Direct School Admission (DSA) preparation and training has also been conducted at City Ballet Academy since its founding, and we have an excellent track record of students who have successfully entered schools such as Nanyang Girls’ High School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, and School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) through the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise.

The standard and quality of our training programs are also aligned with international certifications, such as the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), UK and Commonwealth Society of Teachers for Dancing (CSTD), Australia. Over the years, a majority of our students have received Distinction for the RAD graded and vocational exams, with 100% scoring Merit and above, and an 85% rate of Honours Plus and Honours results for the CSTD graded examinations.

Through ballet training, we teach our students grace, endurance and discipline. To do well at competitions or exams is not an end in itself, but instead a learning journey that shapes one’s character and who one grows to become. Our vision is to nurture our students into self-motivated individuals possessing the confidence to shape their own future. This is something that every school, every teacher and every parent wishes for their students and children, and this is what City Ballet Academy continuously strives towards.