Asia Dance Arts Festival 2017

1st PrizeSolo (Age 7-8)Kate Grace-Deborah Miles
1st PrizeSolo (Age 11-12)Chloe Phua
1st PrizeSolo (Age 13-14)Moe Ozasa
1st PrizeSolo (Age 15&O)Aristide Lyons
1st PrizeSolo (Age 15&O)Stefanie Sew
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 7-8)Jamie Leong
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 7-8)Lanerryn Koh
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 9-10)Lee Yue Qi
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 9-10)Jamie Tham
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 11-12)Olivia Clare Low
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 11-12)Kang Yejin
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 13-14)Adele Ng
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 13-14)Skye O’Toole
2nd PrizeSolo (Age 15&O)Vivian Leow
3rd PrizeSolo (Age 7-8)Jowenda Soh
3rd PrizeSolo (Age 7-8)Lee Cai Zhen
3rd PrizeSolo (Age 7-8)Wen Zihan
3rd PrizeSolo (Age 9-10)Jayna Tan Si Ting
3rd PrizeSolo (Age 11-12)Sarah Ng
3rd PrizeSolo (Age 13-14)Shayna Grace Yang
3rd Prize,Solo (Age 13-14)Shawna Wong
3rd PrizeSolo (Age 15&O)Haruka Chan
Special GOLD AwardGroup Waltz

Asian Grand Prix Hong Kong 2017

2nd Prize8&U Classical BalletKate Grace-Deborah Miles
4th Prize14&U Classical BalletSkye O’Toole
Finalist8&U Classical BalletLee Cai Zhen
Finalist8&U Classical BalletJamie Leong
Finalist16&U Classical BalletStefanie Sew
Finalist16&U Classical BalletVivian Leow

Hong Kong Challenge Cup 2017

Gold AwardSolo (Age 7-9)Jayna Tan Si Ting
Gold AwardSolo (Age 7-9)Wen Zihan
Silver AwardSolo (Age 7-9)Jowenda Soh
Silver AwardSolo (Age 7-9)Lanerryn Koh
Silver AwardSolo (Age 10-12)Nicole Faith Yang
Silver AwardSolo (Age 13-15)Shawna Wong
Silver AwardSolo (Age 13-15)Shayna Grace Yang
Silver AwardDuo (Age 16-19)Shayna Grace Yang & Shawna Wong
Bronze AwardSolo (Age 10-12)Lee Yue Qi

Taiwan Grand Prix 2017

2nd Prize
Invited to perform at TGP GALA 2017
Pre-Competitive CategoryLee Yue Qi
2nd Prize
Invited to perform at TGP GALA 2017
Junior CategoryStefanie Sew
4th Prize
Invited to perform at TGP GALA 2017
Junior CategorySkye O’Toole
Invited to perform at TGP GALA 2017
Junior CategoryCharlotte Strand
Invited to perform at TGP GALA 2016
Pre-Competitive CategoryJamie Tham