AWARDS 2018 (page 2)

Get The Beat Bali 2018

2nd PrizeContemporary (Senior category)Nicole Faith Yang

Get The Beat Asia Finals 2018

1st PrizeBallet (7 & Under)Lee Cai Zhen
1st PrizeBallet (14 & Under)Sarah Ng
1st PrizeJazz (14 and Under)Aimee Isabelle Chan
2nd Prize)Ballet (13 & UnderYong Sook Mun
2nd PrizeDemi Character (12 & Under)Madison Jade Fry
3rd PrizeBallet (9 & Under)Jowenda Soh
4th PrizeBallet (8 & Under)Lee Cai Zhen
4th PrizeBallet (9 & Under)Yong Sook Ting
5th PrizeBallet (9 & Under)Jamie Leong
5th PrizeBallet (14 & Under)Yong Sook Mun
Platinum AwardBallet (9 & Under)Lanerryn Koh
Platinum AwardBallet (10 & Under)Jayna Tan
Platinum AwardBallet (11 & Under)Lee Yue Qi
Platinum AwardBallet (11 & Under)Jamie Tham
Platinum AwardBallet (12 & Under)Lee Yue Qi
Platinum AwardBallet (14 & Under)Lea Ong
Platinum AwardBallet (15 & Under)Sarah Ng

Get The Beat 2018

Overall Best StudioCity Ballet Academy
Overall ChampionTeen Groups15&U Contemporary Group – “When The Wind Blows”
TOP 5Petit Groups8&U Group – “Enchanted Chimes”
TOP 5Teen Groups15&U Contemporary Group – “When The Wind Blows”
TOP 5Junior soloKang Yejin
TOP 5Senior soloStefanie Sew
TOP 5Senior soloShawna Wong
1st Prize8&U Classical GroupGroup – “Enchanted Chimes”
1st Prize10&U Classical GroupGroup – “Colours of the Wind”
1st Prize12&U Classical GroupGroup – “Waltz of the Flowers”
1st Prize15&U Classical GroupGroup – “Diana”
1st Prize15&U Contemporary GroupContemporary Group – “When The Wind Blows”
1st PrizeOpen Age Classical GroupGroup – “Tambourine Dance”
1st Prize7&U BalletLee Cai Zhen
1st Prize8&U BalletLee Cai Zhen
1st Prize9&U BalletJamie Leong
1st Prize12&U BalletKang Yejin
1st Prize15-19 ContemporaryShawna Wong
1st Prize15-19 BalletStefanie Sew
2nd PrizeOpen Age Contemporary GroupContemporary Group – “Rush”
2nd Prize13&U BalletKang Yejin
2nd Prize14&U BalletLea Ong Qian Ying
2nd Prize15-19 ContemporaryShayna Grace Yang
3rd Prize10&U BalletJayna Tan
3rd Prize14&U BalletKynda Ng
3rd Prize14&U BalletSarah Ng
3rd Prize15-19 ContemporaryStefanie Sew
3rd Prize12&U ContemporaryChloe Phua
4th Prize8&U BalletEmily Li
4th Prize9&U Ballet AJowenda Soh
4th Prize9&U Ballet ALanerryn Koh
4th Prize9&U Ballet BWen Zihan
4th Prize11&U BalletLee Yue Qi
4th Prize11&U BalletJamie Tham
4th Prize13&U BalletYong Sook Mun
4th Prize13&U BalletSarah Ng
4th Prize15-19 BalletShawna Wong
4th Prize15-19 BalletShayna Yang
4th Prize12&U Demi-CharacterMadison Fry
4th Prize14&U ContemporaryNicole Faith Yang
4th Prize15-19 ContemporaryAdele Ng
5th Prize6&U BalletDaryn Tan
5th Prize12&U BalletChloe Phua
5th Prize14&U BalletCharlotte Strand
5th Prize14&U ContemporaryCharlotte Strand

Hong Kong Challenge Cup 2018

Gold Award10-12 yrs (Jazz)Madison Jade Fry
Gold Award10-12 yrs (Ballet)Jowenda Soh
Gold Award13-15 yrs (Ballet)Yong Sook Mun
Gold Award13-15 yrs (Ballet)Lea Ong