CBA Repertoire Series #12: Excerpt from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Today’s clip is an excerpt from our 2016 Year End Performance “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”, a self-choreographed full-length ballet. The scene shows young Snow White playing in the garden with the flowers and ladybirds.

It was challenging for our little flowers and ladybirds, who were between ages 3.5 to 5, to remember their movements, music and formations at such a young age, and the girls put in a lot of effort into practising their item. 👏

It took a lot of patience, love and skill on our teachers’ part as well, and it was very rewarding for them to see the girls enjoying the time on stage.

Thank you to our teachers Ms Ma Yu, Ms Rebekah, Ms Tina, Mrs Lee and Ms Haiying Xia for their dedication.

*The little ones were very well-behaved at the wings and backstage, sitting quietly in rows while waiting for their turn. This is the discipline that our teachers have instilled in them during their regular dance lessons.


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