Circuit Breaker: Online Learning Materials

It’s been a busy and fruitful week!

For CBA students not taking exams, your training is important to us too. Our teachers have been busy preparing for the 4 weeks of home-based learning ahead:

– Making weekly lesson plans and more than 150 videos for our ballet, latin and jazz students to practise from the comfort of their own homes
– The home practice videos include warm-up, strengthening and preparation exercises, and explanation of dance vocabulary to prepare students for the next level. ↗️

All the videos are provided FREE to CBA students.

We are also happy to see our students working hard at home! We have received so many practice videos from students and their teachers have watched each video carefully, giving individual feedback and corrections.

Thank you to our teachers Lindsey Lum, Charmaine Tay, Weicheng Yang, Chew Hwee Chee, Yishuang Bao, Ma Yu, Joan Wang and Haiying Xia for their dedication and our students for working with us to keep up their training during this circuit breaker month!

*All videos on CBA premises were filmed before 6th April 2020.