Free Online Dance Trial Lesson for New Students

Free Online Dance Trial Lesson for New Students
(Age 3 to RAD Advanced Foundation)

 Ballet, Latin, Jazz classes available!

Dates: 5 May – 1 June (extended circuit breaker period)

✏️ To register, email to with student’s full name, student’s date of birth, and contact number!


Mummy & Me Ballet (age 2-3)
Saturday 10-10.30am

Creative Movement 1 (birth year 2017)
Saturday 9.30-10am / 10.40-11.10am
Wednesday 3.20-3.50pm

Creative Movement 2 (birth year 2016)
Saturday 9.15-9.45am / 4-4.30pm
Sunday 9.30-10am / 9.45-10.15am

Pre-Primary (birth year 2015)
Saturday 9.50-10.35am / 3.10-3.55pm
Sunday 10.10-10.55am / 11.05-11.50am

Primary (birth year 2014)
Saturday 10.40-11.40am / 2.05-3.05pm
Sunday 10-11am / 11-12pm

Grade 1 Ballet (birth year 2013)
Saturday 10.05-11.20am
Sunday 10.20-11.35am / 2.05-3.20pm

Grade 2 Ballet
Saturday 12.30-1.45pm
Sunday 12.15-1.30pm / 3.25-4.40pm
Wednesday 4-5.15pm

Grade 3 Ballet
Saturday 1.50-3.05pm
Sunday 12.45-2pm
Tuesday 2-3.15pm
Friday 3.35-4.50pm

Grade 4 Ballet
Sunday 2.30-3.45pm
Tuesday 3.20-4.35

Grade 5 Ballet
Saturday 3.10-4.40pm
Tuesday 3.20-4.50pm

Intermediate Foundation Year 1
Saturday 4.45-6.15pm
Tuesday 1.45-3.15pm

Intermediate Foundation Year 2
Thursday 3.35-5.05pm

Sunday 4.15-5.45pm
Thursday 6.30-8pm

Advanced Foundation
Saturday 3-4.30pm
Tuesday 4.40-6.10pm
Wednesday 1.30-3pm

Pre-Teen Intro to Ballet (Age 7-12)
Wednesday 2-3.15pm

💃 KIDS LATIN (Age 7-12)
Thursday 3-4pm


Theatrical (Jazz) (birth year 2014-2015)
Saturday 9.30-10am

Pre-Modern Jazz (birth year 2013)
Saturday 10.40-11.10am

Junior Jazz
Saturday 10.05-10.35am

Grade 1 Jazz
Sunday 3-4pm

Grade 3 Jazz
Sunday 5-6pm

Grade 4 Jazz
Sunday 4-5pm

Youth Jazz
Sunday 2-3pm