Skye O’Toole

Skye O’Toole

Currently a student at Elmhurst Ballet School, UK

Advanced Elite Program

Teacher: Lee Jae Shin

Skye, age 14, joined CBA in 2016 and was part of our Advanced Elite Program. She is currently a student at Elmhurst Ballet School, Birmingham, UK.

“Skye’s received superb training this past year with Mrs Lee in the Advanced Elite programme. Her Ballet’s improved so much and it’s exciting to think what her Ballet future might be.”

– Skye’s parents

“Skye’s goal with CBA has always been to prepare for vocational school, and although at this point, fingers and toes are still crossed, it does look like it’s the direction Skye’s headed in and we’re thrilled for her.”

– Skye’s parents

“As a teacher, it is rewarding to see how focused and determined Skye is in class. She has improved tremendously and it warms my heart to see her shine onstage at the recent competitions. All her hard work and efforts have really paid off and I’m so happy for her!”

– Mrs Lee, Skye’s teacher

“There’s a lot of heart and soul in the Advanced Elite programme and it shines through. CBA’s pretty much Skye’s second home and if she could move in, she probably would!”

– Skye’s mom

“At CBA there’s an expectation that you will work hard and challenge yourself. I like this, it makes the classes rewarding and leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.”

– Skye

“Do I have dreams for the future?

Yes, of course I have big dreams. I want to be the next Darcey Bussell!”

– Skye

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