Adult Courses

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Open Classes

Adult Ballet Open classes are suitable for those with or without prior ballet training. Classes are non-syllabus based, offered at both beginner and intermediate levels to cater to varying levels of experience.

Aside from enjoying the benefits of good posture, enhanced coordination and improved poise, you can expect a good workout in a friendly environment, unwinding with peers of similar interests.

*NEW* Latin Dance

Latin-American Ballroom Dancing refers to a group of ballroom dances that originated from Latin America. Commonly known as the latin style of competitive ballroom dancing, these dances require dancers to find the perfect synergy between artistry and athleticism.

Students will get to learn the 5 main Latin dance styles: the slow and sensual Rumba (also know as the dance of love), fun and cheeky Cha Cha, energetic and lively Jive, sultry Samba, and the more theatrical Paso Doble dance (modeled after bullfighting).

The Adult Latin Beginner class is a great way to enjoy the different dance styles while having a fun and lively workout!

This class is suitable for beginners without any prior dance experience.

*Solo Class – No partner required.

*NEW* Intro Course

The Adult Ballet Intro Course will introduce basic ballet positions, body alignment and foundational knowledge progressively over the span of 8 weeks. This course is catered for students who are new to ballet, but more advanced level students who would like a back-to-basics refresher are also welcome to join!

Just like our Open classes, the intro course follows the “Pay As You Dance” card system, and students are welcome to attend the Open classes con-currently with the Intro course using their PAUD package. 

Current course dates: 3 March 2020 – 21 April 2020 (8-week course)

Next course dates: TBC

*NEW* Adult Lyrical Class

Lyrical dance is an increasingly popular dance style characterised by fluid, graceful and expressive movements. Lyrical dance is often performed to music with lyrics, which serves as inspiration for the choreography, allowing dancers to express a range of emotions through their movements.

The Adult Lyrical class will incorporate a dance/choreography segment into each lesson. Through the use of classical ballet exercises, you can also increase your muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. 

Beginners are welcome to try the class. Existing Adult Ballet students can also attend the class with their “Pay As You Dance” card!

Here’s a sneak peak of what the class will be like!