Adult Courses

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Open Classes

Adult Ballet Open classes are suitable for those with or without prior ballet training. Classes are non-syllabus based, offered at both beginner and intermediate levels to cater to varying levels of experience.

Aside from enjoying the benefits of good posture, enhanced coordination and improved poise, you can expect a good workout in a friendly environment, unwinding with peers of similar interests.

Intro Course Level 1, Level 2 and Open Class

The Intro Courses run on an 8-week cycle, and will introduce basic ballet positions, body alignment and foundational knowledge progressively over the span of 8 weeks. This course is catered for students who are new to ballet, but more advanced level students who would like a back-to-basics refresher are also welcome to join!

Level 1: Suitable for fresh beginners!

Level 2: For students who have completed Intro Course Level 1. Recommended for students who require bridging between Intro and Beginner 1 classes.

Open Class: Difficulty level is similar to Intro Course Level 2. Recommended for students who require more foundational training before proceeding to Beginner 1. 

Beginner Level 1

This class is suitable for students who are interested in strengthening their ballet foundation. Class content includes floor practice, barre, and center. Students will also learn the step-by-step of how to do jumps and turns.

Beginner Level 2

This class will be more fast-paced compared to Beginner Level 1 and students in this class are expected to know the basics of how to do jumps and turns. There is no floor practice for this class and the class will be conducted fully on barre and center.

Intermediate and Advanced

It’s an open class for both intermediate and advanced adult ballet. Both classes have barre section for 40mins, centre section 50mins (including tendu, adage, turns, jumps).

The only difference is that the Intermediate class is slower-paced with simpler combinations, whereas the Advanced class is faster paced with more complex combinations.

Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning is a full-bodied workout that combines both cardio and resistance work to energetic music. Drawing fundamental elements from Pilates and Yoga, this class offers a wide range of positive benefits for your body, from improving your endurance and flexibility to building up power, speed and coordination.

A variety of sequences will be taught given to tone specific muscle groups, guaranteed to leave you feeling more balanced and in better physique than before!

Adult Contemporary Introduction

No prior dance experience? Not to worry, this class is designed just for you! Contemporary Dance is a blend of Ballet and Modern Dance with the combination of a strong centre, precise leg work and the fluidity in the use of the torso. In this class, students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of Contemporary Dance such as core contractions, fluidity, extensions, swings, spirals, turns and jumps. Starting on the floor, students will learn a variety of exercises that aims to develop your technique, confidence, dynamics and fluidity.

We hope to encourage self-expression, natural movement, and personal interpretation by providing a safe practice for you to learn more about your body through the language of Contemporary Dance!