Adult Classes

*Academy Holiday (16th – 31st March): Please click here for the Adult Ballet schedule.
*Booking of Classes for Beginner (Saturday 12pm): Please click here for more information. 

Adult ballet open classes are suitable for those with or without prior ballet training. Classes are progressive and non-syllabus based, offered at both beginner and intermediate levels to cater to varying levels of experience.

Aside from enjoying the benefits of good posture, enhanced coordination and improved poise, you can expect a good workout in a friendly environment, unwinding with peers of similar interests.

2019 Schedule

Beginner No background required Saturday 12pm – 1.30pm Rebekah Yeo
Intermediate Minimum 6 months experience recommended Wednesday 7.30pm – 9pm Leane Lim
Advanced (with pointe) Minimum 2 years experience recommended Monday 7.30pm – 9pm Leane Lim
Recommended Attire
Leotard, tights, ballet shoes
*For students without ballet attire, gymwear or other clothing that will not restrict movement are welcome as well!
*Students are advised to wear socks if they do not have ballet shoes.

“Pay As You Dance!” is a card system for all Adult Ballet classes at City Ballet Academy. This class card system gives adult students flexibility of attending classes as and when you like, at affordable prices! Students are able to attend any Adult Ballet classes at all City Ballet Academy outlets, allowing you to experience classes at various levels, and with different teachers.

6 $135 3 months
12 $250 6 months
Trial/Single Lesson $30
Registration Fee
(one-time payment upon purchase of 1st card)