Creative Movement

Movement in dance enhances physical development in children, addressing an important aspect of their growth. While movement exploration develops fundamental skills such as coordination and body awareness, it also promotes mental maturity, builds self-esteem and fosters the ability to communicate effectively with others.

The syllabus is carefully designed to:

  • Increase understanding and awareness of the body, developing coordination and confidence;
  • Cultivate sensitivity to musical elements such as rhythm, melody, volume and time;
  • Promote interaction with space and movement through space; and
  • Introduce movement as a medium for expression of emotions and ideas.
Class Birth Year Schedule Teacher Term Fee Trial
Creative Movement 1 2015 N.A N.A $249 $30
Creative Movement 2 2014 Saturday 9.15 – 10am
Saturday 11 – 11.45am
Sunday 9.15 – 10am
Ma Yu
Ma Yu
Charmaine Tay
$249 $30
Camisole Tutu Dress $56
Socks $6
Ballet Shoes $28
Set = $83