Grade 1

The syllabus is geared towards substantial progress in ballet technique and performance skills. Delving deeper into classical ballet technique in a progressive manner, it promotes greater understanding of musicality and movement coordination.

The syllabus aims to help students achieve:

  • Improved muscular coordination and posture (which enables students to carry themselves with poise and grace);
  • Enhanced attention to detail and ability to focus (students learn by listening carefully to instructions and observing demonstrations with a keen eye in order to master dance movements and steps);
  • Increased self-confidence (derived from the sense of achievement in being able to master physically and mentally challenging ballet movements); and
  • Exposure to other cultural and historical backgrounds (an integral part of learning associated with the classical art form of ballet, in line with the syllabus).

Dhoby Ghaut Branch

Class Birth Year / Requirements Schedule Teacher Term Fee Trial
Grade 1 2014
Saturday 10.15 – 11.30am
Bao Yishuang $399  $45
Sunday 9 – 10.15am
Joan Wang

*Grade 1 Exam Coaching: Oct 2021 – Mar 2022

Ballet Short Sleeve Leotard (Lilac) = $31
Tights = Kids $20 / Adults $22
Ballet Shoes = $30
Full Set = $71 / $74
Character Dance Character Skirt (Trio Colour) = $46
Character Shoes (Low Heel) = $46.50