Grade 1

The syllabus is geared towards substantial progress in ballet technique and performance skills. Delving deeper into classical ballet technique in a progressive manner, it promotes greater understanding of musicality and movement coordination.

The syllabus aims to help students achieve:

  • Improved muscular coordination and posture (which enables students to carry themselves with poise and grace);
  • Enhanced attention to detail and ability to focus (students learn by listening carefully to instructions and observing demonstrations with a keen eye in order to master dance movements and steps);
  • Increased self-confidence (derived from the sense of achievement in being able to master physically and mentally challenging ballet movements); and
  • Exposure to other cultural and historical backgrounds (an integral part of learning associated with the classical art form of ballet, in line with the syllabus).

Class Birth Year / Requirements Schedule Teacher Term Fee Trial
Grade 1 2012
Class A
Saturday 11.15 – 12.30pm
Class B
Sunday 12 – 1.15pm
Joan Wang $399 $45
Ballet Short Sleeve Leotard (Lilac) = $31
Tights = Kids $20 / Adults $22
Ballet Shoes = $30
Full Set = $71 / $74
Character Dance Character Skirt (Trio Colour) = $46
Character Shoes (Low Heel) = $42