Intermediate – Advanced Ballet

The vocational graded syllabus provides in-depth training for advanced students and pre-professionals. It is designed to hone dancers’ technical skills, challenging individuals to maximise the use of their physical facility via a heightened understanding of movement.

The higher level of training culminates in dancers gaining the necessary technical proficiency and confidence to perform as soloists in technically demanding pieces, paving the way to a future professional career in dance and other related fields.

From 2016, a repertoire section is incorporated into the vocational graded syllabus. This repertoire section of the class will introduce students to various excerpts from the classical ballets like Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. Students will learn classical variation as duets, trios, and corps de ballet works. Aside from attention to technicality of the pieces, this new initiative will add much value to our students’ dancing experience, inspiring them to achieve more as they discover the vast possibilities of the ballet movement vocabulary and the rich cultural heritage of the art form. 

Intermediate Minimum 1 year & above pointe experience with equivalent level in ballet Sunday 2.30 – 4.15pm
Thursday 5.15 – 7pm
Xia Haiying $899 $50
Advanced 1 Minimum 2 years & above pointe experience with equivalent level in ballet Sunday 4.15 – 6.15pm
Thursday 7 – 9pm
Xia Haiying $1060 $55
Camisole Leotard (Black) $48
Tights Kids $19 / Adults $22
Ballet Shoes $28
Set = $87 / $90