Min. 1 year and above pointe with equivalent level  in Ballet
Duration: 1hr 45 minutes

This level is compulsory if you would like to continue to a higher RAD level, or if you would like to go for the CBTS course. At Intermediate level, students are required to demonstrate their ability to grasp more complex dance combinations of higher technical difficulty, dynamic and musicality. Students will also develop a disciplined approach in learning and a certain level of artistic maturity.

At Intermediate level, students acquire a wide range of more advanced Ballet vocabulary, including double en dehor and en dedan, Posé pirouettes in series, Chaînés, Brisé, Entrechat quatre, Fouettés etc.

To prepare for the free Enchainment section of the Intermediate exam, students are required to know the French Ballet terminology – what they are and how to execute them. This gives them a deeper understanding of Ballet.

Students are required to attend two classes weekly.

Intermediate Saturday


2.15 – 4.00 pm

5.45 – 7.30 pm

Joan Wang Prinsep $1198

Each term consists of 20 lessons.