Pre-Primary & Primary

Through a creative and imaginative approach, the syllabus establishes a solid foundation in the fundamentals of classical ballet. Emphasis is placed on musical variety, movement in space and expression as students are introduced to basic movement vocabulary in ballet.

The curriculum caters to the interests of children, progressing at a pace which matches the level of their physical ability and developmental needs. The skills acquired at this level will enable them to transit easily into higher levels of ballet and also other dance genres.

The syllabus is crafted to enable students to:

  • Maintain good body posture in stationary positions and while moving through space;
  • Execute coordinated arm and leg movements;
  • Gain basic understanding and knowledge of classical ballet orientation and terminology;
  • Demonstrate an awareness of space by dancing in different formations and patterns;
  • Move consciously to varying musical elements such as rhythm, melody, volume and time; and
  • Express emotions and ideas through the use of mime and other dance movements.

Dhoby Ghaut Branch

Class Birth Year Schedule Teacher Term Fee Trial
Pre-Primary 2015 Saturday 11.35 – 12.35pm Lindsey Lum $339 $40
Sunday 9.55 – 10.55am Bao Yishuang
Sunday 10.10 – 11.10am Joan Wang
Primary 2014 Class A: Saturday 10.05 – 11.05am Bao Yishuang $349 x 2 $40
Class A: Monday 4.30 – 5.30pm
6-month exam coaching Oct 2020-Mar 2021
Class B: Sunday 9 – 10am Joan Wang
Class B: Thursday 4.20 – 5.20pm
6-month exam coaching Oct 2020-Mar 2021

*Primary Exam Coaching (compulsory): Oct 2020 – Mar 2021

Pink Short Sleeve Leotard $31
Pink Skirt $20
Socks $8
Ballet Shoes $30
Set = $81