Mummy & Me (Baby Ballet)

June 2020: Online classes available! Please email to to enquire or drop us a message here.

Come join our Mummy & Me (Baby Ballet) classes to enjoy a special bonding time and experience with your child!

Mummy & Me (Baby Ballet) is a parent-accompanied class for children age 2-3: 

  • A great opportunity for your child to get early exposure to dancing and learn to move along with rhythm & music!
  • Create a smooth transition for your child to adjust to the classroom environment and attend class independently as they get older.
  • Gain a better understanding of what your child will be learning in their dance classes.

White Sands Branch

Class Birth Year / Requirements Schedule Teacher Class Package Trial
Mummy & Me (Baby Ballet) 2016-2017 Saturday 10am – 11am

Lindsey Lum $120 per 4 lessons (valid for 5 weeks) $30