Lee Cai Zhen

Lee Cai Zhen
Junior Elite Program 
Teacher: Ma Yu

Caizhen, started her Ballet training with CBA in 2014, and is currently part of the Junior Elite Program.

“CBA has developed her initial interest in dance to a strong love for Ballet. Through the training, Cai Zhen grew to have better time management and to be more disciplined.”

-Cai Zhen’s parents

“She has never once said that she’s tired after practice and is always very happy and raring to go for the next one. Through her fatigue, her joy in dancing always shines through.”

-Cai Zhen’s mom

“Though they are a little bit tiring at times, I have never thought of stopping. I love to dance because there are always new steps to learn. I feel happy when I dance and dancing energises me.”

– Cai Zhen

“Miss Ma always has my best interests at heart. She is a patient and supportive teacher and I’ve learnt a lot from her. I am the dance I am today thanks to her loving guidance. I love you Miss Ma!”

– Cai Zhen

“We always emphasise to her that it’s the journey that matters and it was gratifying to see her gain confidence after each competition.”

– Cai Zhen’s parents

“We will continue to support her love for Ballet as best as we can and are thankful for the opportunities that Ballet provides for her to develop lifelong qualities that will carry her in good stead in future. We just hope that she will always do her best in whatever she does.”

– Cai Zhen’s parents.