Year: 2020

CBA Repertoire Series #13: Excerpts from Don Quixote
05 July 2020

This dance was presented at CBA’s 2nd Year End Performance in 2014. It was a joint performance between our Intermediate-Advanced students and Adult Ballet students.

It was not easy for our Adult students to balance between their work and all the rehearsals, but they have done a great job and we were so happy to see many of them experiencing the stage for the first time!

Thank you to Ms Liu Xiao Mi for the beautiful choreography.

CBA Repertoire Series #12: Excerpt from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
15 June 2020

Today’s clip is an excerpt from our 2016 Year End Performance “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”, a self-choreographed full-length ballet. The scene shows young Snow White playing in the garden with the flowers and ladybirds.

It was challenging for our little flowers and ladybirds, who were between ages 3.5 to 5, to remember their movements, music and formations at such a young age, and the girls put in a lot of effort into practising their item. 👏

It took a lot of patience, love and skill on our teachers’ part as well, and it was very rewarding for them to see the girls enjoying the time on stage.

Thank you to our teachers Ms Ma Yu, Ms Rebekah, Ms Tina, Mrs Lee and Ms Haiying Xia for their dedication.

CBA Education Series by International Artists: Mr Robert Mills
13 June 2020

We are happy to have Mr Robert Mills share with us his chosen topic “Rond de Jambe”.

Mr Robert is a ballet teacher trained at Australian Ballet School. He was a former professional dancer with West Australian Ballet and Singapore Dance Theatre.

In his video, Mr Robert will talk about how dancers can work multiple parts of their bodies through Ronde de Jambe. He provides in-depth explanation on how to work the supporting leg from foot up to the hip, and how this will enable the working leg to activate correctly. This is supplemented with careful demonstration to help students visualise his explanations accurately.

Thank you Mr Robert for sharing these valuable learning points with our students and teachers!

CBA Repertoire Series #11: Excerpts from La Bayadère
12 June 2020

La Bayadère is a classical ballet well-loved by many. Set in the royal court of ancient India, it tells a story of eternal love, mystery, fate, vengeance and justice.

This dance was presented at CBA’s 2nd Year End Performance in 2014. Performed by our Intermediate Foundation – Advanced students, the excerpts include two items and a coda, choreographed to La Bayadère music.

Thank you to Ms Xia and Ms Zhou for choreographing and rehearsing these items!

CBA Repertoire Series #10: When The Wind Blows
11 June 2020

“When the Wind Blows” is a contemporary piece created for our Intermediate and Advanced students.

This item has won:

Overall Champion at GTB Regionals Teen Groups (Gala Championships)
TOP 5 at GTB Regionals Teen Groups (Gala Championships)
1st Prize at Get The Beat Regionals, 15 & Under Group
1st Prize at Masterpiece International Ballet Competition, Senior Group

Thank you Ms Adelene for the beautiful choreography and Ms Xia for coaching the girls!