Year: 2020

CBA Repertoire Series #9: Coda – La Esmeralda
09 June 2020

In 2017, we presented excerpts from La Esmeralda for the second half of CBA’s Year End Performance.

4 different dances were performed: a light and fun village dance for our Grade 4-5 students, a group dance choreographed to the music of Diana that included challenging pointe work for our Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate students, an upbeat Tambourine dance for our Advanced students, and a technically demanding Pas de Six for our Elite students.

Today, we are sharing the coda of the item with everyone, and hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you Ms Xia, Ms Ma and Mrs Lee for the joint effort in rehearsing this item! ❤️

CBA Education Series by International Artists: Ms Jacinta Walsh
06 June 2020

We are very happy to have Ms Jacinta Walsh, Artistic Director of Jacinta Walsh Ballet Arts Academy, to share with us her chosen topic of “How to point your feet correctly”.

Ms Jacinta was a former professional dancer in leading European Ballet Companies and has many years of teaching experience as a classical ballet teacher, director and choreographer around the world, such as at Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin, Victorian College of the Arts and School of the Arts (SOTA).

The video includes feet stretching and strengthening exercises. Ms Jacinta has also thoughtfully supplemented the video with anatomic graphics and detailed voice explanations for her teaching points.

We would also like to thank Anabel Ng (CBA student, graduated from John Cranko School, Germany) for the beautiful demonstrations!

CBA Repertoire Series #8: Heal The World
05 June 2020

“Heal The World” 🌏 is a lyrical dance item performed at our 2019 CBA Performance.

Characterised by fluid and expressive movements, lyrical dance is a new genre that many of the performers were trying for the 1st time! Through their movements, they also had to learn to express a range of emotions and bring out the message behind the song’s lyrics.

Comprising a mix of levels from Grade 4 to Intermediate, the performers had a great time exploring this new dance style together with Ms Joan Wang, who choreographed and rehearsed the item.

Thank you Ms Joan for the beautiful choreography! ❤️

CBA Repertoire Series #7: Moments of Friendship
03 June 2020

“Moments of Friendship” is a contemporary dance item performed by our Intermediate-Advanced 2 students at 2019 CBA Performance. This item also won 4th Prize at Get The Beat 2019 Contemporary Group (Open Age) category!

Dance is often used as a tool to express emotions and tell a story of human experience, and this piece does that through its powerful movements and visually impactful choreography.

Thank you to Mr Andy Cai for choreographing this dance piece and for guiding the girls throughout this journey!

CBA Repertoire Series #6: Spanish Dance
29 May 2020

“Spanish Dance” is performed by students from our Intermediate and Advanced classes. Choreographed and rehearsed by Ms Xia Haiying, it won 1st Prize at Get The Beat 2019 for the Open Age Classical Group category, and was also performed at the 2019 CBA Performance!

This group of students have grown up with CBA over the past years. With increasing demand on their academic load, we commend our students for keeping spirited while they balance their dancing with studies.

They have grown so much as dancers, as individuals and as groups of friends supporting one another. Thank you for all the time and dedication you have given us ❤️